Sunday, January 15, 2006

Instant Mess

Sigh. here is a list of instant messengers i use:
  • Google Talk (my default. It integrates seamlessly with my Gmail account. Also, the only open standard and the only no-frills approach, which i like)
  • MSN Messenger (most people I know use it, so there is no way to avoid it)
  • Skype (used to be fun, SkypeOut is cool, if and when it works)
  • ICQ (someone i know still uses it)
  • Yahoo Messenger (Ok, i have an account)
Yearning for Interoperability. Yahoo is soon going to be talking to MSN, so that's a start. Google Talk is going together with AIM, but the user bases there could not be more different, so that's going to be interesting. Well, it's a start. But the times when i can just use ANY client to reach ANYONE (in the way a traditional phone works, or e-mail, for that matter) appear still to be in the rather distant future.

I know there are clients like Trillian or Gaim, but somehow i haven't taken to them. It's still an account mess and not all features of all the messengers are supported.
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