Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Planning Spontaneity

  1. Practise the art of spontaneous reactions. In conversations, say the first thing that comes into your mind - without evaluating if it is right or wrong. Practise this with strangers in low-risk situations such as when shopping, checking into a hotel, riding in a taxi and give yourself 10 points every time you make a stranger laugh.

  2. Collect examples of witty replies. You may be able to use them yourself one day. Great wits such as Oscar Wilde, Mae West, Winston Churchill and G.B. Shaw were said to have memorised many of their so-called “spontaneous” remarks.

  3. Believe in yourself. Develop confidence in your ability to amuse and entertain others by telling yourself every day that you are witty. Kurt Vonnegut wisely said: “Be very careful who you pretend to be, because you are who you pretend to be”.

via Paul Smith
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