Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Messing With Wikipedia

Next Tuesday is not only the day of my final oral exam to become a certified translator in French, it is also the day when i am going to a concert of one of my favourite live bands, The Cat Empire from Melbourne, Australia.Their web site seems to be down just now but they have a nice myspace thingie..

Their German wikipedia entry stated that they did their first German gig last year, but it was definitely in August 2004. In Karlsruhe, of all places. I know cause I was there. It was 5 euros and an absolutely fantastic concert with most probably the highest percentage of Aussies or aussiephiles in the audience i had ever seen in Germany .. now the band is coming back with a couple of more German and European gigs. Definitely recommended. First time i saw them was in 2003 on the Edinburgh Fringe. Their gigs were sold out pretty much every night for the whole time they were there.

Sorry about being such a smart alec on the wikipedia entry ...
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