Thursday, June 01, 2006


Hey, i feel like blogging again. It's been a while, i know. And gosh, what a mess! My free image host service ripway has cancelled my account while i wasn't watching. Fair enough. They warned me if i didn't log in at least once a month they would kick me out. And apparently, that's what they did. And of course i didn't backup my images anywhere, so here we go: A new makeshift heading will have to do for now .. it's about content anyway, or is it?

So, let's see. What's been happening? Well, i am still doing my French translator course which should be over and done with by the end of June. Then i am going to Exmouth for the summer (again). And no, thanks, i am not going to write in French, at least not for now.

Well, so i also set up a Flickr account, which is a great tool for uploading and sharing pics. One of the few non-Google services i use by the way ;-) And tagging is such a great way of organizing that huge pile of images out there. I haven't done it with my own pics yet, but i subscribed to the feed of pictures tagged Heidelberg. So every now and again, i am now getting a bizarre or interesting and for the most part touristy photo collection of my home town delivered to my screen. Surreal but nice. (What film was that quote from again?)

Ok, that's it, folks. Why did it take me so long i wonder?
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