Sunday, November 27, 2005

My New No-Frills Phone

As my old mobile phone has been acting up for a while now to the extent that it is hardly usable any more, i have decided to get a new one. But browsing through all those fancy new multi-whatever gadgets with incredibly useless features have resulted in me taking a radical step: With my new phone (ordered today) i am going be able to phone. And just about that. Yes, you heard right.

Here it is: the Nokia 6030

And here are the amazing features it lacks:
  1. Inbuilt camera with crappy resolution
  2. Triband to make it work in the US and other places i am not likely to go to any time soon
  3. Bluetooth, wifi or infrared connectivity. If i should ever need to transfer data, a cable will do just fine.
  4. Large memory (what for? It's a phone ..)
  5. MP3 player (nothing beats my ipod)
  6. Any other feature that would never come to my mind if i thought about a phone
Here is what it does have:
  1. Long battery life
  2. Good sound quality
  3. Ease of use
  4. Simple, stylish design
  5. OK, there is a radio, but believe it or not, thats one of the few features i actually did use on my old phone.
  6. I can still use my old charger
(Was that six of one, half a dozen of the other ? )

On top of all that, no more long-term contracts with my phone operator. Who knows what the phone operator market might look like in two years time?
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